Altitude Throttle (Fokker D.VIIF) Operation

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This outstanding machine (Fokker D.VIIF) is equipped with a BMW engine and customized carburetor specially designed for high altitude fighting. It gives the FOKKER D.VIIF a sensible advantage. The carburetor is controlled by two levers: by the main throttle (like the other planes in the game) and by the altitude throttle.

The altitude throttle gives the aircraft increased power at altitudes higher than 2000 meters, which makes it a real predator, fast and very deadly.

Throttle Operation

You should observe operational regulations for the high-altitude engine while flying this aircraft. Aloft under 2000 meters, altitude throttle should be completely shut down. While climbing higher than 2000 meters you should open the altitude throttle for 1/3. The next mark is 3000 meters, altitude throttle should be opened to 2/3. After climbing higher than 4000 meters altitude throttle should be completely open, allowing the engine to realize all of its potential. Be careful, as opening the altitude throttle at lower altitudes leads to engine failure. Even though you don't hear any strange or unusual sounds, the engine is wearing out and can fail any time. This damage is permanent (unlike overcold or overheat for example).

Altitude Throttle Operation

  • Sea level – 2000 – Alt Throttle Closed (0%)
  • 2000m – 3000m Alt Throttle Open 1/3
  • 3000m – 4000m Alt Throttle Open 2/3
  • > 4000 Alt Throttle Open (100%)

For altitude throttle management, default keys for operation : "Right Alt +" and "Right Alt -"

Note: The operation of this throttle is opposite from the normal convention:

  • Open - the altitude throttle position is fully forward (away from the pilot)
  • Closed - the altitude throttle position is fully reward (towards the pilot)